The Enough Project

Case Studies · 4th April 2013

The Enough project is a new theatre project produced by Dep Arts with writers Emma Adams and Cathy Crabb in response to one simple question – What does it mean to have enough?

To provide an image for the project and illustrate its themes, we created a “cultural slop” – a mess of consumer goods, money, food, drink, political rhetoric, luxury goods, relationships, media messages, natural resources and religious messages which we all consume, either by choice or otherwise, throughout our daily lives – all served up for the viewer in Goldilock’s porridge bowl.

The question is – how much is enough?


The Enough Project

In a world battered by a financial crisis, and with natural resources at breaking point, the double bill of work uses this question as a jumping off point to discuss everything from consumer capitalism and the world’s dwindling resources to what it means to have enough in relationships and as a society at large.
You can find out more about the Enough Project on the Dep Arts website and on Twitter @Enough_Project

And in case you were curious – here’s the colossal mess we made in the studio for the shoot with Sara Teresa.

The Enough Project

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