Sara Teresa’s Wallflower – Exhibition & Book Launch

Journal · 22nd October 2015

Last week saw the launch of our own Sara Teresa’s Wallflower project a new portrait photography exhibition and book that explores themes of introspection, silence, shyness and disregard.

We all had a great night at the launch at The Gallery at Munro House on Light Night last week, and after many years work by Sara it’s been fantastic to see the project come to life.



Wallflower began as an image, one I made during a time when I felt frustrated and unseen. It remains the most well received piece of work I’ve ever done. Maybe the reasons for that don’t matter, but I wanted to explore the concept. The idea of a person blending into the background. Is this a universal feeling? Is it positive? Negative? I wasn’t sure. But I felt compelled to present this idea and what I thought it could mean.

Introspection. Silence. Shyness. Disregard.
I asked my subjects about these and other things. In these pages are friends, colleagues, children of friends, my own partner and son. Wallflower is a concept, but it’s also about the people. What’s important to them. What they love. What shields them from the world. What drives them. Why they feel passion. How they feel about themselves.

Models are shot, printed and on display to the world. But even then, do they feel seen?”

– Sara Teresa


We had the pleasure of designing the book, as well as the promotional material and graphics for the exhibition.  The book was printed by Pressision and beautifully hand bound by Roger Grech of Papercut Bindery. Our previous intern Ambre Lormeau takes much of the credit for the book’s design, completed whilst on placement from France with us last year. You can read her story here.

The exhibition runs at The Gallery at Munro House until the end of October – for more details visit the Gallery at Munro House website or find out more on Sara’s website here.

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