This Really is Too Much – Gracefool Collective

Journal · 7th December 2016

Gacefool Collective’s ‘This Really is Too Much’ is an outlandish, theatrical, thought-provoking (and at times utterly hilarious) dance/theatre performance that delves into a world of farcical female stereotypes.

“This Really is Too Much explores the downright absurd realities of what it means to be a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, moisturising WO-man in modern society.”

Based on lines from the show, we (somewhat tentatively!) delivered the following pitch to the Gracefool team:

So, ladies – We want you to hold a baby, plant a tree, unblock the toilet, sign a petition, eat a lettuce, change a tire, answer your emails, finish the ironing, moisturise (and maintain proper hydration, so as to attain a suitably perfect complexion) all whilst walking the precarious balancing act of social expectations in impossibly high silver sequinned heels… oh and did we mention we want you to do all this whilst trying to look great in your underwear as if attempting to win a beauty contest?

Got it? Good. Now, smile!

Photography by David Lindsay 

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