These Northern Types, (Public Work)

Art Direction · Campaign · Identity · Print · Self-Initiated · Typography · Web Design

What does it mean to be a Northerner in a globalised world? Where the’s muck, is the’ still brass? Do we tolerate less bullshit than others? Has the St George’s Cross become a symbol of racism? Is making do and mending consigned to the history books? Where’s the line between being proud of where we’re from and making others feel excluded?
Do you want gravy on your chips? Or curry sauce?

These Northern Types is a typographic exploration of Northern identity. We’re bringing together type design, experimental production methods, public engagement, and written word by local writers, poets, academics and musicians to ask some big, and sometimes awkward questions about who we are as Northerners.

A series of 15–20 artworks will examine aspects of how our culture is informed by where we live. From the origin of our famous Yorkshire grit, making do and mending and what we put on our chips; to the potential a strong sense of regional identity has in creating cultural divisions, and if – in an age of ever-easier access to global travel, communication and information – where we live even matters all that much any more.

Thanks to the support of Leeds 2023, we’ve had the opportunity to develop These Northern Types into a project unlike anything we’ve undertaken before. Running for 18 months, it will culminate with the final collection of works and writing brought together as a full exhibition and the launch of a publication in July 2018.

To see the work in progress, check out #TheseNorthernTypes on Twitter and Instagram. To find the final artworks around Leeds and see how to get involved check back soon…