Richard Petch – Creatures of Habit

Journal · 16th January 2013

The ‘Creatures of Habit’ debut EP from Leeds-based solo artist Richard Petch has now been released (with a generous “name your price” scheme) on Bandcamp.

Created using the original illustration elements of artist Natalie Kyrkos, Split’s design concept for the album artwork was to reflect the great passing of time, illustrated by the endless cycle of the migration of birds and the spiral shape of the album packaging itself.

Richard Petch

Richard Petch

‘Creatures of Habit’ has been described by Petch as a concept album; each track is written to describe things that humans consider to be big or important or great. These include more common issues such as religion and politics but also extend to themes of pyromania, jealousy and narcissism.

To find out more about Richard Petch, visit his website, his facebook page or follow him on twitter.

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