Brico A–Z Study 1

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A–Z study, using the Brico system — a collaboration between Oli Bentley of Split; designer, visual artist and printmaker Anthony Burrill; and wood type maker, designer and printer Thomas Mayo. The system comprises just four shapes. With near endless possibilities of letter forms, weights, sizes and styles, it was created so that anyone might share in the joy of type design. It is used to create large-scale works and murals with community groups, extending the mission of the People Powered Press to amplify voices and spread words worth spreading.

Teal version sold out.

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‘As soon as I heard about the People Powered Press I had to see it in person and meet the people behind it. It sounded like a crazy idea. Who in their right mind would embark on such a mind boggling enterprise? When I met Oli it all made sense. I’m in awe of the People Powered Press. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and ambition, taking the process of letterpress and leading it into a new and exciting territory.’  — Anthony Burrill

Signed and numbered print. Letterpress printed in black to teal and off-white Fedrigoni Siro stock. Edition of 5 of each colour. 160gsm 100cm x 70cm.

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