This Really is Too Much – Gracefool Collective

Journal · 7th December 2016

Gacefool Collective’s ‘This Really is Too Much’ is an outlandish, theatrical, thought-provoking (and at times utterly hilarious) dance/theatre performance that delves into a world of farcical female stereotypes.

“This Really is Too Much explores the downright absurd realities of what it means to be a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, moisturising WO-man in modern society.”

Based on lines from the show, we (somewhat tentatively!) delivered the following pitch to the Gracefool team:

So, ladies – We want you to hold a baby, plant a tree, unblock the toilet, sign a petition, eat a lettuce, change a tire, answer your emails, finish the ironing, moisturise (and maintain proper hydration, so as to attain a suitably perfect complexion) all whilst walking the precarious balancing act …

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Leaf20 Project update – The Leaf Label 20th Anniversary Box Set

Journal · 2nd February 2016

We’re excited to share some images of the very first (almost!) complete Leaf Label 20th Anniversary Box Set. We put this together at the weekend and it’s fantastic to be able to see it all together at last. Our thanks to Sara Teresa for these lovely shots.

We’ll add more images here as the final elements fall into place, but for full details and to see what we’ve been up to so far with this project you can check out our making-of blog post here. It’s been quite a ride!

More importantly though – to find out more and how to get your hands on one of these very limited edition sets, head over to

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The Making of Leaf 20 – The Leaf Label’s 20th Anniversary Box Set

Journal · 14th January 2016

When Tony Morley at The Leaf Label asked us to work on their 20th anniversary box set, I had to work pretty hard to contain my excitement. ‘Dream job’ might be pushing it, (though perhaps that’s with the benefit of hindsight knowing the full extent of the challenges we’d face in pulling it off) but it’s probably pretty close, especially given the creative freedom and trust he gave us.

We were briefed to find a way to visualise The Leaf Label at 20 years, to reflect their output and personality – which to us meant trying to capture their mix of experimental edge, integrity and pioneering spirit; dedication to quality, individuality, and that certain something you just can’t tie down.

Tony knew the …

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Meet Radhika Ramdihal – Our New Junior Designer

Journal · 6th November 2015

A couple of months ago Radhika Ramdihal joined us for an internship and we were so impressed, we figured we should probably let her stick around. A lover of books and baking, she’s been working on a wide range of new projects – most recently, a new addition to our logo manifesto project, “For the love of words”, shown here.

I asked her a few questions about her practice, aspirations and preference for a brew…


What do you enjoy most about design?

Everything is essentially designed in one way or another; the most enjoyable part is solving a problem through creative means. I find it satisfying to formulate concepts which provide visualisations that have the ability to inform, communicate and even persuade. This shows on a …

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